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WV Fire Marshal

 1207 Quarrier St. 2nd Floor

Charleston, WV  25301

Phone # (304)558-2191 

Prompt #1 for Regulatory & Licensing


WVFM office cannot take payment over the phone for a temporary license.  The fastest way to apply is online (versus snail mail) and to wait until it has been reveiwed in the order it was received.  They will then send you an email confirming you met all standards and you can then pay online.  You CAN NOT show up to a WV job site without WVFM license in hand so give yourself 10-14 days before accepting a job/referral.  They have also stated that they are not giving in-person temporary licenses anymore.

You are authorized to bring to the test the following: 2020 NEC Code Book, Keyword Index, Ugly's Book, regular calculator, pencils.  You many NOT use sample tests, they will be confiscated and may not be returned.  You will be permitted (4) four hours to complete the exam.  If you arrive late, you will not be allotted additional time.

 Brief desciption:

If you were organized in or tested in you CAN NOT get a temporary license issued at the Fire Marshal's Office, you MUST schedule yourself to take the test.  These testing dates fill up 2 months in advance. 

If you completed an apprenticeship and can show proof with your certificate of completion or a letter from your Hall stating that it was a Nationally certified training program and the date of completion of your apprenticeship, then you CAN be issued a Temporary license at the Fire Marshal's Office.



All 2022 exams are open book and based solely on the 2020 National Electric Code Book.
  • The Journeyman, Master and Single Family Dwelling electrical exams have 50 multiple choice questions​ and 5 calculations. 
  • The Low Voltage electrical exam has 25 multiple choice questions.
  • ​The Electric Sign and HVAC electrical exam has 20 multiple choice questions. 
Exam fees are $25.00. This fee is non refundable. 
Seating is limited for each exam date and location. To be considered for a specific date and location, your application MUST be received by the agency at least 7 business days prior to the requested test date. ​For a list of exam dates and locations Click Here.​
Applicants may reschedule but must notify the agency NO LATER than the date of the exam. Applicants can reschedule no more than (3) three times in any calendar year.
Walk-ins are not authorized. Only those with prior authorization from the central office will be allowed to take the exam. 


Applicants are authorized to bring the following items to the exam: 
  • ​2020 NEC Code Book 
  • Book Tabs
  • Key Word Index
  • Ugly's Reference Guide
  • Standard Calculator
  • No. 2 Pencil

Study guides, test prep courses and practice exams are not available​. 

Check In begins at 8:30am. Exams begin at 9:00am. Applicants are given 4 hours to complete the exam. 

Exams will be graded within 15 business days of the exam date.


Temporary License Requirements:

The West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office offers temporary electrician licensure for the Journeyman and Master.

Applicants must have completed one of the following to be eligible for temporary licensure:

  • Completion of a US Department of Labor formal Apprenticeship program. Such proof must be in the form of a certificate of completion from this program. 
  • ​​Completion of a West Virginia Dept. of Education approved 1080 hour Vocational Program. Such proof must be in the form of a certificate of completion from this program. 
Each applicant must also possess the minimum WV requirements for licensure :
  • Journeyman - Must have at least 1 Year (12 months) or 2,000 hours of actual, hands-one electrical work experience. All work shall consist of above ground structural wiring in accordance with the National Electric Code. 
  • ​Master - Must have at least 2 Yeas (24 months) or 4,000 hours of actual, hands-on electrical work experience.
  • The Temporary Electrician license fee is $50.00. The fee must be paid via check or money order only and made out to WVSFMO. • We recommend that you submit your application for the West Virginia electrical exam while you obtain your temporary license, to avoid not being able to get scheduled for examination in time before your temporary license expires. • Temporary Electrician Licenses will be issued one time only. They are intended to get the individual to work while awaiting the next examination date to obtain a regular West Virginia Electrician License. • Temporary Electrician Licenses are valid for 90 days. There are no extensions, renewals, or deferments for these licenses. Effective date starts the day that the Fire Marshal’s Office processes your application for temporary licensure and will run 90 days from thereon.

Temporary License Fees

О 90 Day Journeyman License $ 50.00

О 90 Day Master License $ 50.00


Click HERE for the WV Fire Marshal website 

Click HERE for the WV Fire Marshal License Renewal Log-In


Renewal Information:
Courtesy license renewal reminders will be emailed by April of every year. 
Expired licensees may renew their license if the expiration date is within the 5 year grace period. ​
Expired licensees must pay double the license fee to renew their​ license for a total of $100.00.

Electrical Licensing

Supervision of Electricians

Authority: West Virginia State Code, Chapter 29, Article 3B "Supervision of Electricians"

West Virginia Code of State Rule, Title 87, Series 2 "Supervision of Electricians"
Test Locations:


Beckley:   Academy of Careers and Technology  390 Stanaford Rd.  Beckley, WV

Charleston:  Beni Kedem  100 Quarrier St. Charleston, WV

Clarksburg:  United Technical Center  251 Marietta St. Clarksburg, WV

Martinsburg: James Rumsey Technical Institute  3274 Hedgesville Rd  Martinsburg, WV

Wheeling:    Oglebay Resort  465 Lodge Drive  Wheeling, WV




Exams begin at 9:00 am in Beckley, Charleston, Clarksburg & Martinsburg  and Wheeling at 10:00 am with check in beginning approximately 30 minutes prior. We allow no more than 4 hours for the completion of the examination. You may only take one level of exam on each date.  

Your exam results will be mailed to you within 15 business days of the exam date. Passing exam score has to be 80% or higher. DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE FOR EXAM RESULTS.


Please check the WV Fire Marshal's website for any updates on testing


Feb. 15th - April 12th - Aug 23rd - Dec. 13th


Jan. 11th - March 15th -  May 17th - July 12th - Sept 27th - Dec. 13th


Jan 25th - April 12th - Aug. 9th - Dec 6th


Jan. 11th - March 1st - May 3rd - June 28th - Sept 20th - Dec 6th


Feb 1st - June 14th - Aug 23rd - Oct 25th


License Information:

License Fees
Master License - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
Journeyman License - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
All Specialty Licenses - $50.00 Annual Fee (Expires June 30 each year)
Testing Fees
Master, Journeyman, All Speciality Licenses - $25.00 testing fee
Retest - $10.00 all licenses (Applicable if within 12 months of last exam) 
Renewal Information
All license (except temporary licenses) expire June 30 each year. You will receive a renewal notice in April for your convenience. Return the renewal form with the appropriate licensure fee in the provided envelope. ALL RENEWALS MUST BE POST-DATED NO LATER THAN JUNE 30. You may still renew your license after June 30 if you pay the $15.00 late fee up to June 30 the following year. If your license lapses for more than (12) twelve months there is a penalty of $15.00 per year to renew.  You may renew up to 3 years past expiration by paying the $50 per year licensing fee(s), plus the $15.00 per year penalty.


Reciprocal Licensure:
The West Virginia State Fire Marshal's Office recognizes reciprocity with all 50 states. The agency also recognizes reciprocity from counties, cities, and townships within.  
Applicants must be licensed by the State or Jurisdiction from which they are applying from. 
Regardless of state or jurisdiction requirements, each applicant must possess the minimum WV requirements for licensure :
  • Journeyman - Must have at least 1 Year (12 months) or 2,000 hours of actual, hands-one electrical work experience. All work shall consist of above ground structural wiring in accordance with the National Electric Code. 
  • ​Master - Must have at least 2 Yeas (24 months) or 4,000 hours of actual, hands-on electrical work experience. 
  • Specialty - Electric Sign, HVAC, Low Voltage, Single Family Dwelling - Must have at least 2 years (24 months) or 4,000 hours of actual, hands-on electrical work experience in the SPECIALTY AREA for which the applicant will be applying. 
 Applicants must submit a  ​"Letter of Good Standing" from the agency or licensing board of the State or Jurisdiction they are applying from. This letter must be for the individual seeking licensure. This letter must also include the following information:
  • Licensee Name
  • License Number
  • License Type
  • Initial License Issue Date
  • License Expiration Date
  • How the License was obtained - Examples: Examination, Reciprocity, Grandfathering, etc....
  • Whether any Disciplinary Action has been taken
Applicants must also submit a copy of their license from the state and or jurisdiction they are applying from. 



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