Book II Resign Policy

Effective: June 1, 2023                        

 Applicants must initially register on the “OUT OF WORK LIST” in person during

working hours, Monday through Friday (Holidays excluded) 8AM - 12pm & 1PM - 4PM

 Registrants must renew their application on the 10th - 16th of each month. 

Resigns shall be done on our website ONLY.



User Name: Last Name

Password: Your card #


Registrants who fail to renew their registration from the 10th - 16th of each month, will

be removed from the list and must register in person.  Registrants will be contacted by

the cell phone # provided on the application via text to alert of call outs to bid on the

website.  All available jobs will be posted on the website. You will have from 4pm – 8am

to bid on jobs. If the internet is not available for you, you may call in afterhours & leave

a voicemail for Dispatch to place a bid for you.

It is the registrant’s responsibility to make sure all personal information is up to date.


The registrant will be allowed two turndowns without penalty but will be removed from

the list on the third turndown.  Dings are issued per regular hit. Ex: 3 regular hits available

in 1 day could result in rolling from the Book. Registrants that cannot be contacted at the

phone # provided or who are unavailable for referral when work would have been offered,

shall be considered a turn-down. Not bidding on a regular hit still results in a turn down.

Rejection by the employer is not a turndown.

Registrants must re-apply in person after being removed from the list.


Book 1 - If on a short hit, are eligible to bid on regular hits.  If on a short call they will

not receive a ding if they do not bid on the regular hit & will maintain their place on Book 1. 

If a short hit & regular hit is available at the same time, they will not receive a ding if either

job is taken.


Book 2 - Is a “ready to work list”.  The Business Manager is responsible to fill calls in a

timely manner as needed by the employer.  No more than 2 full days will be given to

arrive on the job site.  Referrals may be made outside of normal business hours by

whatever means necessary to fill the request by employers to place registrants.

Emergency phone calls &/or texts to fill manpower calls in a timely manner may occur.


After Hours Extension:

Dispatch Ext # 122



**This website syncs updated information from logins daily at 3:45pm.  If you have done an update to personal information after that time then you will not see the adjustment on our end until after 3:45pm the next day.

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