Welcome all Active Members


There will be a $4.00 dues increase that will take effect January 1, 2023

All "A" Members will pay $44.50 for 2023

All "BA" Members will pay $30.50 for 2023

All Teledata Members will pay $49.00 for 2023

Do not forget about the $1.00 Property Association that is due yearly.

~~When you make an online payment, the office is alerted instantaneously and will generate your yellow dues receipt and will send it in the days outgoing mail to your home address. You can pay the $1.00 Property Association online and it will show on your yellow dues receipt.

ALL Members: Please check that all of your personal information is correct in the "Update Contact Info" on the right hand side of the page next to where you logged in.  NOTE: NO ONE can view your personal information except yourself.  Your updates go directly to the office staff ONLY!


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