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3-10-19  Open call for 2 JWs for TP Electric @ Majorsville, WV.  Working 5-8s.   Day shift.  Starts 3-11-19 or 3-12-19.  FR clothing required, OSHA 10 must be dated within 5 years b/c it is a Mark West site.  WV-License required. Drug test given on site.  Please call the Hall ASAP (304) 242-3870.  Leave a voicemail if after hours at Extension #7.   Call Filled

3-15-19  Currently no open calls.

3-22-19 Open call for 2 JWs for United Electric @ the Mitchell Power House.  Working 6-10s, day shift for a Regular Hit. Requires WV-License, OSHA-10, drug test given on site. ST Boots. 90% payscale. Starts Tuesday 3-26-19. Unit 1 Precip, will be wearing full Tyvek suit & respirators.  MUST be clean shaven to get fit tested for full face respirator.  Call the Hall ASAP.  Leave VM at Ext #7 if after hours.   Call Filled

3-25-19  Currently no open calls.

3-27-19  Open call for 4 JWs for TP Electric @ Majorsville,WV for a short hit.  Working 5-8s. WV-License required, OSHA-10 must be dated within 5 years. FR Clothing required.  Day shift.  Start ASAP. Call the Hall.  Call Filled

4-8-19  Open call for 5 JWs for I.E.S. @ The Heaven Hills #2 job on Blake Ridge Rd in Moundsville,WV for a regular hit. Starting ASAP. Currently working 5-10s on day shift. WV-License required, OSHA-10. FR Clothing required. All outside work, rain gear provided if needed. Job should last through mid-May. 
Call the
  Call FIlled

4-16-19 Currently no open calls. 

4-1-20  Open call for Chapman Electric @ XCL Clearfork Site off of Robert's Ridge.  Working 5-8s with the possibility of OT.  This is a regular hit possibly lasting 3 months.  Outside work, rigid conduit, cable pulls & cable trays.  WV-License required, OSHA-10, steel toe boots.  Non FR at this time.  Immediate start.  Call the Hall, leave a message if after hours at Ext 122   Call Completed

7-8-20  Currently no open calls.  We are going through a slow time right now.

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